14 January 1865

I am too tired to write this evening except to say that the day was entirely devoid of fruit. My willingness to enter the maze to assist in the search was of no interest to Mrs. Cotts, who insisted that only men were allowed to search for Gretchen.

As an even greater affront, after my offer was rebuffed, Mrs. Cotts sent me in to Marehaven for the day to wait for the arrival, by carriage, of Madam Soiss’ family at Warthog’s Inn.

Yes, not only was I not allowed to help search for Gretchen Haupt, I was consigned to spend the day sitting in the dining area of the inn where I worked for the majority of December, an inn where the owner, Mr. Harald Harl, had made unwelcome advances upon me on New Year’s Eve.

I had hoped that my laborious day (which was far worse than being in Kraken Moor, demons and all) would at least allow me the opportunity to talk with Gail, but I was told that she had removed herself to London.

Shortly before midnight, Lima arrived to bring me back to Kraken Moor.

Gretchen Haupt is still missing.


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